How to start mining at Koktoken?

There are two ways to start a mining and making a profit at Kok token. But first we need to fund our account:


How to fund Koktoken wallet?

  1. Login to your wallet
  2. Click on the box with preferred crypto (ETH, DAC or USDT)
  3. Click deposit button
  4. Copy or scan wallet address and transfer crypto from your private wallet
  5. Wait for blockchain confirmation

After funding our account we need to transfer our crypto to mining to start making a profit. This is the first way to start mining.

How to start mining and making a profit? Basic way

The second way of making profit (limited but more profitable) – hotel renting

  1. Click on the Mining Tab
  2. Click a deposit button near funded crypto
  3. Provide amount or click “Use all amount” button
  4. Click a deposit button

Now you should see empty wallet box and funded mining box.

Mining profit (daily accruals):

Deposit AmountReturn of month
300 – $1,4994-8% monthly
$1,500 – $9,9999-11% monthly
$10,000 and above12-20% monthly

  • When you spent a deposit, it will be converted into USD at the current market price, which becomes the base price. It will remains fixed, even if the coin price changes.
  • Additional deposit can be made. In case of additional deposit, it will be converted into USD based on the market price of the time of deposit and will be added to the existing balance.
  • your mining can be stopped anytime
  • When you stop your mining (Cancel button) before 30 days you pay 5% fee and before 60 days – 3% fee, other term: 1% fee
  • minimum amount of mining: $300
  • you are mining kok token and it will be available at your SuperWallet
  • kok token can be exchanged to ETH, DAC or USDT
  • Interest will be paid daily at 1 AM (Korean standard) based on deposit amount, until you reach 200% ROI.

If you would like to maximize your earnings consider the second way of making profit: purchase a hotel in the Hotel King game (games tab).

Hotel King game is a hotel management simulation game. Holding the hotel generates operating profits every day. Our building is valid for life but buildings can also be bought and sold between users. We can only use our kok tokens to buy a hotel. This model ensures reinvestment of tokens in the system.

  • initial hotel price: 4 kok
  • 100,000 hotels will be available per server
  • Hotels are not always available for purchase. We need to track company messages
  • expected profit: up to 150% per month