How to register KokToken wallet account?


The registration process is very simple. Just follow below steps


Step by step registration and investment guide

1. Download your application

First download the application on your phone (IOS or android system) from this page:

2. Install it

Install KOK token wallet on your phone and open it

3. Register your account​

Click register button 

koktoken register

4. Verify your number​​

Choose Prefix code of your country, provide your phone number and click Authentication button. You will receive sms code (6 digits) on your phone and confirmation message:

After providing your verification number click NEXT button.

5. Provide your data​

Fill the form:

Enter your date of birth in the format: YYMMDD

Enter recommender’s code: 55909288 and click next


6. Finish registration​

Agree terms and click NEXT button. If all fields are filled correctly you will be redirected to your wallet.