koktoken/ December 4, 2019

In the rapid transformattion of the blockchain ecosystem, KOK PLAY strives to provide the best service to members in more than 50 countries, and to the development and expansion of the platform.

In addition, we are trying to make the best choice by reflecting a variety of concerns to increase the value of KOK Token.

For that, we are preparing various measures such as enhancement of the platform functions and listing.

The following information is part of the ongoing plan that we are preparing, which you can soon check it out.

Listing on Global Exchanges

KOK PLAY will expand the influence of KOK Tokens within the global exchange, starting with the first listing on the global exchange in December.

The total number of KOK PLAY issuance has revised from 30 billion to 5 billion for the listing.

This is an appropriate revision by considering the size of the global coin market and to meet the strict listing requirements of the global exchange.
In addition, it is expected to increase in the value of KOK Tokens, creating a positive effect for the holders, by reducing the number of issuance and circulation of tokens in the market.

Game Tab

To activate KOK PLAY Platform, many games are currently being developed and will be updated sequentially

First of all, we are developing a casual mini-game called Free Kick Master that you can simply enjoy. It will be available soon.

Shopping Tab

The shopping page update is in progress.

With the complete development of the Shopping Tab, more than 300 products will be registered and can be purchased and shipped via KOK Tokens.

However, delivery may be delayed or not even possible depending on the countries due to the nature of international shipping.

Update of Platform Version2

KOK PLAY added more features with the current upgrade to Version2.

We try to provide the new look based on the improved UX/UI by changing current UX/UI.

In addition, various functions will be added. All added functions will be completed and will be serviced in the first quarter of 2020.

Security and Technology

Recently, exchange hacking issues become a problem.

In order to prevent hacking, bug, and abusing users, KOK PLAY will apply a variety of technical and policy solutions to enhance security.

KOK PLAY will always do the best.

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