Hotel King

Hotel King game tutorial PDF version Hotel King game is a management simulation game to raise profits by building hotels. It is synchronized with the KOKToken wallet. In this game we can buy, expand and sell hotels to other users and we make profits from managed hotels every day. How to run Hotel King game Access to hotel purchases is limited. We must hit the sales window. That is why it is worth reading in-game announcements. To run the game we must first create a KOKtoken wallet. Then log in and choose the middle tab from the bottom menu: We set up a profile. Loading the game takes some time. After creating our profile it is more easy to load the game, we just click LOGIN button: After clicking the LOGIN button our game is loading. How to build our first hotels? After loading the game, our hotel construction site will appear. Press the Hotel Information button in the bottom right corner of the game: You will then see 5 construction tabs, where you can build different hotels of different value: Currently available hotels: MALIBU and Maymond Malibu has a harvest cycle every 24 hours and Maymond every 4 hours. Malibu can be expanded to 3 stars and Maymond up to 5. Profit from Malibu is 0.34 to max. 1.83% and Maymond is 0.37 to max. 0.87%. Each hotel has a different construction cost. Malibu hotel information tab: We can see the total construction fee, how much time the Collection cycle takes, what … Continue reading Hotel King